About me

My name is Rong. I live in my little house of dreams, in a very beautiful part of England, with my husband.

I’m a photographer. I love taking photos of people. I use digital SLRs for wedding commissions. If you’re interested in our wedding photography, we have a blog and a facebook page. I use my phone a lot. The quality of my phone photos is surprisingly good. Olivia, my toy film camera Supersampler, is one of my favourites too.

The Lake District in England is one of our favourite places for walking. Quoting A.Wainwright, “All who truly love Lakeland are exiles when away from it.” We keep going back. Ullswater is my favourite. 2015 saw my first ever camping trip, with a tiny two-man tent and a plague of midges. That wasn’t my last camping trip. I also realised my dream for a long time in 2015 – traveling in Japan. Even with sky high expectations I wasn’t disappointed. Of course I do all these with my husband.

I’ve been learning to be a gardener. It’s hard work, but it’s amazing to see plants grow – seeds germinate, seedlings grow, flowers bloom and fruits ripen. It reveals the great power and wisdom of the Creator. I learn to be patient with my garden.

Cooking is not as bad as my mum tells me at all. I started out with an Italian pasta recipe book, found in a brilliant second hand book shop. There is a growing collection of recipe books on my shelf now. I put the date and notes next to each recipe I tried. My latest experiment was macaroon (in powder pink). The presentation failed. But as a friend said, they taste nice all the same.

I’m grateful for all I am and all I have. I’m grateful because I’m very much loved by my husband, families and friends, and our Father in heaven.

Hope you enjoy looking around at my Place!


Love from the North East of England,

14 December 2015

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  1. Helen Middleton 02/03/2013 — 4:21 pm

    Hello Nicole
    Can’t promise I’ll always read your blog…but at 1st glance I love your positive nature…and that you love “nature”! Helen x

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